Core values

November 14th, 2014

I was looking at some old versions of just now and I found our core values when we first started in 1998.

Core values were all the rage at the time for business and not for profits, so we thought we should have them. So we prayerfully wrote five.

At PASSION we have five core values — The Bible, Prayer, The Great Commission, Service and Growth.

  1. The Bible will help us to keep in line with the Word of God and to hold on to God’s many promises.
  2. Prayer will help us to seek God’s will and be covered in all we do.
  3. The Great Commission must be central to our ministry and we must take personal responsibility in playing our part of God’s plan for salvation.
  4. We must be committed to serving both the churches and the community.
  5. Growth must happen personally and as a whole if we are going to keep moving forward in God’s perfect will.

Looking back I think they still stand up. I think they really shaped us too. I know they kept me on track personally and kept me focused.

How about you? Have you got core values for your church or no for profit?

God Bless,