Lessons from Psalm 51

November 6th, 2014

I was reading Psalm 51 this morning. In this Psalm David poured out his heart to God. His words are about repentance, restoration and renewal. There are a number of things that spoke to me.

  1. David admitted his sin before God. He wanted God to wash away his sins v1-3
  2. David realised his sin was against God. Ultimately all our sins are against v4
  3. David asked God to cleanse him from his sin. He knew if God cleansed him he would be truly clean v7
  4. David asked God to create a new heart in him. He wasn’t content with forgiveness of sin, he wanted a new heart v10
  5. David asked God to restore his joy v12
  6. David told God he would bring others back. He wanted others to learn from his experience v13
  7. David realised that a right heart before God is better than sacrifices v17

The great thing about this chapter is David does not try to hide his sin. He openly admits it before God and seeks forgiveness and cleansing. David is a great example to us no matter what we have done.

I believe this is one of reasons why God described David as a man after His own heart.

God Bless,