Silent conversations

November 3rd, 2014

I was doing some cultural awareness training at work today and in one section it was looking at Aboriginal culture and the way they communicate. One section really hit me as a wonderful way to communicate.

They have a culture of silent conversations. This is where they speak and leave space for the other to process and think about a response.

The course notes said it is vital for Aboriginal people to think about what was said and how it impacts them personally, their family and community before they respond.

Often we are compelled to fill the silence with talking or think the other person has not understood what we have said. So we try to explain it again or think they have nothing to say.

In my own life I have lost count of the times people have asked how I am going and when I did not respond in a nano second, they continued with what they wanted to say!

I really think we can all learn a lot from Aboriginal people and they way they communicate. Silent conversations have a lot to offer. For many of us giving people time to think or respond how they want is a lost art.

God Bless,