Purple Fish: A heart for sharing Jesus book

October 13th, 2014

I am reading a really enjoyable book at the moment. It is written by my online blogging friend Pastor Mark O. Wilson. The book Purple Fish is subtitled “A heart for sharing Jesus” so you can guess that it is about sharing your faith with Jesus.

I am about half way through it at the moment (I couldn’t wait to finish it to write about it!) as I chose to read one chapter a day and reflect on it as I go about my day. So far I have found it really refreshing and relaxing in the way it approaches the task of evangelism.

Rather than trying to “win people to Jesus” it is more about blessing people and shinning the light of Jesus as you go about your day and work. There are lots of encouraging stories of Mark just sharing God’s love in a natural and helpful way. As he does this, people come to Christ.

One of my favourite stories is Mark going to a hospital room at the request of the family of a sick elderly parent. In the midst of talking and asking a few gentle questions, the Gospel is shared and the lady comes to Christ and is baptised with ice water (that is all they had!) in the bed. The grown children one by one ask if they can that too!

This is just one of the wonderful real life stories than really blessed and encouraged me in my outreach efforts. I will never see evangelism the same again.

You can find Mark blogging at Revitalize Your Church, tweeting at @markowilson1, and on the Purple Fish Facebook page. The book is available from Wesleyan Publishing House.

God Bless,

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