How you can and can’t get Ebola from ABC News

October 10th, 2014

Ebola has been in the news a lot lately. As a result there has been a number of myths of how you get the virus.

ABC News Australia has a really good article that lists the ways you can and can’t get Ebola. You can find the full article here. I would encourage you to read the full article which cites information from WHO and the US CDC&P.

Here are the dot points as I see them…

You can’t get Ebola…

  • through the air
  • through the water
  • from someone who is not already sick
  • from mosquitoes
  • from properly cooked food

The article goes on to say the main method of contracting the virus is by coming into contact with blood, saliva, vomit, urine, semen or other body fluids from an infected person. It says this then needs to come in contact with broken skin or via the mouth, eyes or nose.

You can get Ebola by…

  • direct contact with bodily fluids mentioned above
  • touching an infected surface like bedding, clothing or furniture that has infected bodily fluids on them
  • from eating infected wild animals that are not cooked properly


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