Faith, healing and God’s sovereignty

October 4th, 2014

I often have conversations with all types of people about faith and healing. I have found that generally people fall into a number of categories.

  1. They don’t believe God heals anymore
  2. They do believe God heals in all cases
  3. They believe God heals but understand why He only heals sometimes

Long term readers will know that I was healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It was diagnosed when I was 12 and gave me trouble until my mid 30s. It affected my legs and feet so bad that at times I was confined to bed.

I was healed when a guest speaker came to our church and talked about faith and healing. I believed God could heal because I read about Jesus healing people in the Bible. But up until that point I still suffered badly.

The difference on that day is when the speaker talked about faith and healing I felt God speak to me on the inside. He said, “Today is the day I am going to heal you”. So I went forward and the healing process began.

So does that mean I get healed every time I have some illness or issue as a result of the prayer of faith? I would have to say no.

Now some say this is a lack of faith on my behalf and that I just need more faith and God will heal me. I would say that is like saying I will give 110% effort, when we all know it is only possible to give 100%! I have faith to believe and have experienced it before.

What I have learned over the years is that yes sometimes God heals instantly as a result of a prayer of faith, but other times He seems quiet and does not seem to do anything. It ends up being about His sovereignty and Him seeing the bigger picture.

If I got healed the first time I asked for healing I would not have to rely on God to get through each day as much as I did. Anyone who has suffered from RA knows how tough it is to get through each day. You need God’s help to get through.

So when healing came for my RA I had both a strong faith in God that He could heal and a strong faith that He would sustain me through life. It was a more rounded faith that trusted Him no matter what came my way.

If you are suffering today with RA or any other chronic disease, I would encourage you to look to God. Trust that He can heal you and also trust that He can sustain you. Trust in His awesome power and His sovereign will for you.

God Bless,

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