Reducing my Facebook use

August 22nd, 2014

One of the things I decided to do this year is reduce my personal Facebook use. Slowly I have been using it less and sharing less.

Several months ago I chopped my friends list down to people I would have a coffee with at my kitchen table. This meant they were friends who I knew in person or would invite over if they were in town.

My latest decision is to cut my friends list down to family only. I hope it hasn’t offended anyone. But in reality it does not mean we are not friends, it is just we are not connected on Facebook.

Somehow it makes me feel lighter. When I log in I see updates from family and a few pages I follow. It feels a lot less cluttered.

So if we were friends on Facebook, don’t feel offended, I am just using it differently. It is more about living in the real world and less in the online world.

God Bless,

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