Really planting a church

August 18th, 2014

Over the years I have heard of so many different ways to do church and how people start new churches. One of my favourite stories comes from Africa.

A few years ago I was talking with a Minister from Africa who was new to Australia. He told me how in some remote areas how they planted new churches.

Once the new Pastor was chosen they were trained in church planting. They spent time with a current Pastor and followed them around and did as they did. The person also did some formal training in the Bible and practical helping skills.

After about a year the new Pastor was sent out to plant a new church in a new area. Instead of trying to build a building or rent space in a building, they were given a number of small trees or seedlings.

These trees were planted in a rectangle shape in a way that when they grew up they formed shade and shelter. The trees connected and formed the church building. It was a real living and breathing church building!

I thought this was a wonderful idea. It was practical, cheap and easily reproducible many times over. I also liked the way the new Pastor was trained by the apprentice method.

There are so many ways to do church in this world we live in. We don’t always have to have a building program or rent space. We can plant a church and meet anywhere, we can even plant some trees and meet in their shade!

I am off to buy some seedlings for the space in my back garden 😉

God Bless,