Engaging those around you

August 17th, 2014

I was reading a blog yesterday about a missional conference the person went to. One of the speakers posed this question to the audience…

“Turn to the person sitting next to you,” he said, “and tell them the names of your neighbors on every side of your house (or apartment) and share one story about their lives.”

Apparently the room was abuzz with people talking and sharing with each other. After a few minutes the speaker called the audience back and asked another question…

“How many of you could share the names and stories of each of your neighbors on every side of your house?”

No one raised their hands.

I think it shows that as Christians we can get caught up in going to work and going to church and not really engaging those people around us in our own street.

This blog post and the question from the conference speaker reminded me of the importance of engaging those around us. Not many of them are going to walk into our churches. We need to go where they are and connect.

I wonder today how are you going with connecting and engaging your neighbours in your street?

God Bless,