Revised and updated discipleship book

April 28th, 2014

Just a quick post to let you know we have revised and updated our free discipleship booklet.

We have added extra passages of Scripture, more reflection questions and slightly longer introductions to each study. It includes the following sections…

Making sure of your salvation
Study 1 – Assurance: Being assured on your salvation
Study 2 – The Bible: God’s Word to all mankind
Study 3 – Prayer: Connecting with God
Study 4 – Church: Meeting with other Christians
Study 5 – Servant-hood: Serving God with your gifts
Study 6 – Evangelism: Sharing your faith with others
Study 7 – The Holy Spirit: Our helper in this life
Study 8 – Christology: Having a right view of Jesus
Study 9 – The Future: What does God want me to do now?
Appendix 1 – Answers to Reflection Questions
Appendix 2 – Five Reasons to Trust the Bible
Appendix 3 – More resources from

What I am hoping and praying is that it will be used in three different ways…

  1. That new believers will download it and use it themselves.
  2. That Christians use it to disciple others they help come to Christ.
  3. That new believers do it themselves and then take their friends through it and they take their friends through it…

I would encourage you to download it and have a look. Use it for yourself or use it with a new believer.

You can find the page here or the direct link to the booklet here.

God Bless,

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