Leading from a place of rest

January 24th, 2014

In the last month I have read two good books. One is “Filled up, Poured out” by Mark O Wilson. The other is “Replenish: Leading from a healthy soul” by Lance Witt. You can click on the links to find them.

Both of these authors are long term Pastors and know what it is to be busy in the work of the church. Both are very honest in their sharing and their books share the things they have learnt along the journey.

One thing I really liked about Mark’s book was the need to fill up by spending time alone with God and allowing His Spirit to revive and refresh us. He likens it to filling up our car before we go on a long journey.

Often though we don’t take this time due to being too busy. We end up running on empty and we rely on our skills, our studies, experience and our physical energy. We don’t rely of the Holy Spirit and His power working through us.

Mark’s book has three main sections – Vacuus, Repleo and Fluo. It basically means empty with nothing, filling up with God presence and the pouring out God’s blessings and compassion. He finishes with “Go and be the church”.

In a similar way in his book Lance says, “Every leader functions on two stages-the front stage or public world, and the back stage or private world. One cannot lead successfully front stage when one is completely depleted back stage.”

He talks a lot about getting the back stage area right which is alone time with God and ordering your soul. Then once we do that we are able to lead from a place of rest. We can then model a healthy rhythm of life instead of being in bondage to busyness ourselves.

Lance also talks about making courageous decisions to deliberately trim your schedule to allow this time to happen. He says that our churches and ministries will take as much time as we give them. There is always more work to do.

Both of these books reminded me that if Jesus took this time to be alone with His Father, how much more do we need to take this time ourselves. It is just so vital to fill up and flow in the Holy Spirit.

If you are in ministry I would encourage you to read them both.

God Bless,