Connecting preaching to the season

January 15th, 2014

One of the books I read on preaching in the last few months is John Finkelde’s “Preaching in a Whatever World“.

One of the practical tips I found really useful is the idea of linking the preaching to the season of the year. The obvious ones are preaching the incarnation of Christ before Christmas the cross and resurrection in the lead up to Easter.

Two I hadn’t really thought about before is the summer holidays and the start of the church year.

John asks, “Is it the start of the summer holiday season?” If so, not to “preach zeal, dedication and unbridled commitment to the cause. Instead help people enjoy the holiday season… Ease people into a time of rest and recuperation as they enjoy a well earned break from the frenetic pace of life”.

John also mentions that as the year starts to wind up again to preach on the vision of the church and awaken the church to the possibilities of the new year. This makes a lot of sense and I relate to it with our town and how it flows.

In our case in Merredin it is the end of December and the start of February. Things slow down after Christmas, harvest is finished and a lot of people go away for a well earned break or just take a step back to rest and relax. Then as February starts people are refreshed and ready to start a new year again.

After living in Merredin for nearly 7 years I can see that this is a very practical and useful idea. I have found my natural cycle of work and rest has come into to line with the towns cycle.

If you would like to check out this idea and lots more practical tips in John’s book you can find it on Amazon here.

God Bless,