Matthew 2 and warnings in dreams

January 7th, 2014

We are reading Matthew chapter two today in our reading plan. One thing that jumped out at me today was the warnings the various people received in dreams.

1. The Magi or wise men from the East were warned not to return to Herod to tell him were the baby Jesus was (v12).

2. Joseph was warned in a dream to take his wife and child to Egypt as Herod wanted to kill the child (v3).

3. In verse 22 we see that Joseph was warned again about Herod’s son who was just as bad. He was told to go to Gallilee.

All of these warnings were to protect the baby Jesus and keep Him safe as He was the Saviour of the world. Nothing or no-one could thwart God’s plans.

In this case He used dreams to bring warnings to those who needed His protection.

God Bless,