A unique church arrangement

January 4th, 2014

One thing I think that is really good about the town of Merredin is the way the different churches work together.

Every January many of the farmers and their families have finished harvest so they go on holiday out of town. Many other families also take a chance to get away on holiday too.

When this happens the churches attendances are down in numbers so they meet together. We share services and take turns at hosting them in our churches.

This year it looks like this…

  • 5th January  – Church of Christ at 10.00am
  • 12th January – Anglican Church at 9.00am
  • 19th January – Anglican Church at 9.00am
  • 26th January – Uniting Church at 9.00am

Then in February when most families are back in town things return to normal. We all go back to our normal church services.

I am not aware of this happening in too many other places. Merredin is the first place I have seen this happen every year. It works really well.

God Bless,