Reflections on the healed Leper

October 22nd, 2013

On the weekend I spoke on the Leper that Jesus healed in Matthew 8:1-4. The full message is available here.

I have heard this passage preached on a number of times. Each time it has been about the Leper saying to Jesus “If you are willing, You can make me clean”. The messages focused on “I am willing” from Jesus and the healing.

On the weekend I felt led to focus on the bigger picture of the healing. The fact that as a Leper he would have been an outcast from society and the world he knew. He couldn’t see his family, he couldn’t work, he couldn’t worship at the Temple. He had to live outside and alone.

This miracle healing was done by Jesus out of compassion for the Leper, but it also had greater implications for him as a person. He was restored in body, he was restored to family and community life, and he was restored spiritually as he could attend the Temple and Synagogue once more.

As a part of the message I shared some application points we can use for today.

1. Bring your problem to Jesus – in Matthew 8 & 9 Jesus intervened in 8 different miracle type situations. He can handle any problem we bring Him. Prayer should our first reaction, not our last resort.

2. We see how important community life is to Jesus – He restored the man to his former life and world. Community is important to Jesus and it should be to us too. This life is about our journey, not just my journey.

3. We need to follow Jesus’ instructions correctly – In the Mark version of the story (Mark 1:45) we see that the man telling everyone impeded Jesus’ work in the town. He couldn’t move around freely. Obedience is vital even when we don’t understand. There is always a bigger picture God is working on.

4. We can’t treat people like outcasts – Jesus was a Saviour to all people. He welcomed all races, backgrounds and he even touched Lepers! We need to welcome all peoples no matter how different they are to us.

5. This story is a picture of God and mankind – In this story we see that the leper was outside the city alone. This is what it is like for many people who are living outside the family of God. People need the loving and saving touch from Jesus too. He wants to deliver this through us.

As you can see the story of Jesus healing the Leper has more layers to it and more we can draw out for us today.

God Bless,