Flash mob Christians

October 7th, 2013

I was reading today’s Our Daily Bread this morning. It used an example of a YouTube video of a choir doing a flash mob in Food Court. One person after another got up and started to sing Handel’s Messiah. It was spontaneous praise in an everyday place.

It got me thinking about how we can do our own personal flash mob as a Christian. In the ordinary everyday moments of our lives we can suddenly bring our praise, adoration or worship of our God.

I used to work with one man at the hospital who was a Christian. He would often walk down the hallways singing praises to God. Another person would always tell me of the good things God had been doing in their lives when we caught up at work too.

It was bringing their faith in God to the workplace. It was their own little “flash mob” in the midst of a busy day. We were all encouraged by the singing, testimonies and words.

Maybe today we can do our own little mini flash mobs in the place where we find ourselves. Maybe you can surprise your world with the wonders of Christ shining through you!

God Bless,