I hate being sick

September 26th, 2013

One thing I hate in this life is being sick. I have had some sort of flu for the last week or so. It is also the start of hay fever season where I live so it is a double whammy for me at the moment.

When I am sick I always pray for healing. I always pray for sustaining strength too. I have been a Christian long enough to know that God heals us, but there are times when we have to go through illness too. It is just part of a fallen world.

One thing I have found is that sickness draws me towards God, not away from Him. When I am sick I realise all the more that I need His sustaining power to get through. I know much of the time it would be too hard on my own.

I have been healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis that was with me for nearly 30 years. But I have had Tinnitus ringing in my ears for nearly the same amount of time. I have prayed for healing for both, but only one has been healed.

I trust that God has the Tinnitis under control and in time He will heal it… in this life or in the next. Ultimately to me it doesn’t really matter. The same goes for the suffering I have with seasonal hay fever.

I hate being sick and I wish I never had to be sick. But I know God uses it at times to draw me closer to Him, to bring me back to Him when I have strayed or to deepen my trust in Him.

If you are sick at the moment or have a long term illness, I would encourage you to keep looking to God.  Trust Him with today and pray for healing and sustaining until it is over.

God Bless,