A miserable life?

September 18th, 2013

I read a quote on Twitter from Rick Warren this morning that reminded me of a decision I made many years ago. Here is the quote…

@RickWarren: Life is miserable when you build it around yourself. You’re not the center of the universe.

Not long after deciding to follow Christ I decided that my life was not about me any more. It was about Jesus, my family and those God brings across my path.

Making that decision changed my life and hopefully the lives of the people around me. It has helped me to be more content, more loving, more caring and more considerate.

It has also helped me to shine my light for Jesus. People recognise people who live only for themselves pretty quickly. They also see someone who lives for Jesus pretty quickly too.

I believe the secret to a happy life is to take the focus off yourself and put it firmly on Jesus. Then as you do that prayerfully ask Him to show you who to help and encourage.

Some of the most happiest times of my life have been blessing others in response to Jesus’ promptings.

God Bless,

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