10 things I have learned about being a Christian

September 14th, 2013

I have been thinking a lot lately about some of the things I have learned about being a Christian. In particular the lessons God has taught me about how I am to live in light of my faith in Christ. Here are 10 of the things.

1. The Fruit of the Spirit needs to be evident daily in my life (Galatians 5:22-23)

2. Little “Good Samaritan” acts for me can mean a really big deal to those I am serving.

3. My love for others really does show that I belong to Jesus (John 13:34-35)

4. I really need to be generous in all I do. It needs to be the attitude I carry everywhere.

5. That while sometimes people may hurt me, relationships are the key way God works to bless others and bless me.

6. My faith needs to be much more than a head knowledge of what Christ has done for me. It needs to be intimate.

7. All I own, and all I am, is not my own. It all belongs to God and one day it will all return to Him.

8. I need to be the same person at home as when I am out in public. I can’t “act” a certain way in front of others.

9. That making disciples is a key calling on my life. Learning myself and teaching it to others impacts eternity.

10. I need to encourage people towards God and His will for their lives.

As you can see from the list. It is about really living for Christ in the everyday. It is about being Christ-like and making a positive impact of those around you.

God Bless,