Comparing city and country Christian service

September 3rd, 2013

I have been thinking a lot about the acts of service Christians do in their communities. In particular I have been reflecting on my experience and observations of city and country Christians. We have been living in Merredin for over six years now so I think I am starting to get an understanding of the Christian community and it acts of community service.

In the larger city churches we attended a lot of the community service that I experienced seemed to be done by the groups within the churches that raised awareness of a need and rallied people to help. Much of it was talked about in church and regular updates were given. In doing this many were aware of what was going on and what to pray for or they could get involved it they felt led to.

From my experience and observations in a country town is that much of the Christian acts of service is not known. People go about their daily lives and they volunteer at the hospital, at the school or they help neighbours and friends.

It seems to be less about a large team working through a church outreach program and more about one or two people visiting those in need and making a difference. It might be visiting the nursing home, mowing lawns for people who can’t, arranging emergency accommodation, delivering furniture or reading books to kids in the local school.

Much of what happens in country towns seems to be about don’t let your left hand know what you right hand is doing. It is about quietly getting on with the work that needs to be done and the work God asks you to do. Not a lot of fuss is made about it.

My eyes were really opened when I worked as the Storeman at the local hospital. I often used entrances and paths that most people did not use. Everyday I would see Christians “sneaking” in to the hospital to deliver a gift, visit a friend, to pray for someone or to listen, comfort and just be there.

Of course this is just my own observations and experience at what I have seen, but I have been encouraged to see both approaches in action. The thing that has impacted me the most is that Christians do a lot more in our communities that we see. Like the work of God Himself, much of it goes on in the background. Every day the little things add up to make a big impact.

God Bless,



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