13 Reasons to believe Jesus died

August 31st, 2013

Some people or religions try to explain away Jesus’ death on the cross. They use all types of reasons to deny that Jesus actually died.

One religion believes that the face of Judas was changed to look like Jesus and it was Judas that was crucified. And that Jesus hid for three days and then appeared.

With so much evidence to prove Jesus actually died I thought I would post some of them today. They are complete with Bible verses.

  1. His death was predicted in the OT (Psalm 16:10; Isaiah 53; Daniel 9:26);
  2. It is verified, eyewitness accounts in the NT (Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19);
  3. Jesus announced it many times (Matthew 12:40; 17:22–23; John 2:19–21; 10:10–11);
  4. The nature of His crucifixion guaranteed His death;
  5. The nature of His wounds and many hours of bleeding assured death;
  6. The piercing of Jesus’ side with the spear proved it (John 19:34);
  7. Jesus’ death cry indicates it (Luke 23:46–49; see John 19:30) was heard by those who stood by (Luke 23:47–49);
  8. The Roman executioners pronounced Jesus dead (John 19:33);
  9. Pilate double-checked to make sure Jesus was dead before he released the corpse (Mark 15:44–45);
  10. Being wrapped in about 100 pounds of cloth and spices in a sealed and guarded tomb confirmed it (Matthew 27:60; John 19:39–40);
  11. Non-Christian historians and writers from the first and second centuries recorded the death of Christ. For example, the Jewish historian in the time of Christ, Josephus, believed that Jesus died on the cross.
  12. The earliest Christian writers after the time of Christ affirmed His death on the cross by crucifixion.
  13. Medical authorities who have examined the circumstances and nature of Christ’s death have concluded that He actually died on the cross.

Jesus really did die and He really did rise again.

God Bless,


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