Three aspects to discipling new Christians

August 26th, 2013

I have been thinking a lot about the discipling of new Christians lately. Three things have really been rolling around in my thoughts. Today I want to share them.

1. Teach them the basics

The first and most important thing is to teach new followers of Jesus the basics. Things like prayer, the Bible, attending church, being assured of their salvation, the Holy Spirit, serving God, sharing their faith and having a right view of Jesus. These things are vital to setting a solid foundation.

2. Teach them to feed themselves

The next thing is to teach them to feed themselves. Passing on the need to have a daily devotion time of Bible reading and prayer. This along with how to study the Bible and how to use various study tools like a commentary, a Bible dictionary and a concordance is a key to growth.

3. Spend time with them

Most discipleship books I have read talk about spending up to a year with new Christians. This helps to build a solid base of faith. Spend time talking about any questions they may have, share the things you got from your devotions or take them along when you are serving God.

These three things help to build disciples who will follow Jesus long term. After all that is the goal – to build life long disciples of Christ.

God Bless,