The focus of Christian ministry

August 17th, 2013

I am reading a book called, “The Christian Minister’s Manual”. In the first chapter it touches on the focus of Christian ministry. I liked what it said so I thought I would share it…

“Christian ministry is all about leadership. It is not just leadership in general. It is all about spiritual leadership. Churches more than anything else desire a leader who focuses on the spiritual. Regularly ask these questions: Am I growing spiritually? Am I helping Christ’s church grow spiritually? You can do all kinds of ministry, but if spiritual growth is not at the heart of that ministry, very little will be accomplished for God. Churches desire that their ministers be spiritual leaders, but spirituality is the easiest area to squeeze out of a busy schedule.”

It is a good reminder to keep focussed on your own spiritual growth and the growth of those you care for.

God Bless,