Wheatbelt on it’s knees rain update

August 15th, 2013

IMG_0062I just thought I would give an update on the Wheatbelt on it’s knees prayer event last month. Christians from in and around Merredin got together to humble themselves before God and ask God to send rain to our town. You can read the post here.

In the last three and a half weeks since the event Merredin has recorded 44.7 mils of rain. From what I can see this has really made a difference to the colour of the crops. Some that were looking brown are now looking green and are growing. You can see from the attached picture I took yesterday.

I praise God for sending the rain. I also praise God that the Christians in and around town got together and humbled themselves and asked for God’s help. It is making a real difference.

Please keep the WA Central Wheatbelt in your prayers. We need to keep humbling ourselves before God and we need Him to continue to bless our region with rain.

God Bless,


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