Memorise the headings in your Bible

August 7th, 2013

One of the tricks I learnt at Bible College was to memorise the chapter headings in your Bible. This was to help you remember where things are. This really helped me a lot, especially when talking to others and you can’t remember the exact verse numbers.

One of the tasks we were given was to remember the chapters headings for the book of Acts. It was part of our exam and went like this…

Acts 1

  • The promise of the Holy Spirit
  • The Ascension of Jesus
  • Matthias replaces Judas

Acts 2

  • The Holy Spirit comes
  • Peter preaches to a crowd
  • The believers meet together

Acts 3

  • Peter heals a crippled beggar
  • Peter preaches in the Temple

As you can see from just the first three chapters, the headings can give you a good starting point of where things are located in your Bible. Even if you can’t remember the exact verse, you will know where to start.

I hope this tip helps you to know your Bible a bit better. It has really helped me.

God Bless,


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