I am not sure

August 6th, 2013

One of the things that people often asked me is, “Where is this found in the Bible?” They might say, “Where is the story about the fish and loaves?” or “Where does Jesus say good and faithful servant?”

Over the years I have changed the way I answer these questions. When I was a younger Christian I would take great pride in knowing and pointing people to the exact book, chapter and verse. It made me feel really “spiritual”.

Thesedays I look at it differently. If it is a person who is not familiar with the Bible, or a new Christian, I answer and try to show them. If it is a mature Christian being lazy and it is better for them to look it up I say, “I am not sure”.

Sometimes I can see their faces when they think you have been to Bible college for years and you don’t even know where that is? But inside I know it is better for them to look it up themselves as it helps them to engage with their Bible and not always rely on someone else.

I know some people might not like this idea, but long term it is better for people to look it up themslves in their own concordance and get used to being their own Bible scholar.

God Bless,