Time to meditate and ponder

August 4th, 2013

I am someone who has learned over the years to take time and ponder things. I intentionally build lots of time into my week to think backwards about what has happened and think forwards prayerfully about the things coming up.

I find it helps me to be in tune with myself and with God. It helps me to order in my mind what has happened and prepare for what it ahead.

In today’s Our Daily Bread it touches on pondering God and the things He has done in our lives. Here is a snippet…

“Parents love to remember the developmental milestones of their children. They will record in a baby book when their little ones first roll over, then crawl, and take their first steps. Often they will take photographs and save baby clothing to bring back the memories of those precious experiences.

According to Luke 2:19, Mary, the mother of Jesus, kept a baby book of sorts—in her heart. She treasured the promises that had been given about her Son and “pondered them.” The Greek word for “ponder” means “placing together for comparison.” Mary had heard of great things concerning her Son from angels and shepherds (1:32; 2:17-18). As His life unfolded, she would compare those promises with how her Son acted to fulfill them.

Our faith will be strengthened and we will be encouraged when we meditate on what the Scriptures say about God and compare it with the way He works in our own lives (John 14:21). He is a God who answers prayer (1 John 5:14-15), comforts us in our suffering (2 Cor. 1:3-4), and provides for our needs (Phil. 4:19).”

The devotion finishes with this great pearl of wisdom. “When we take time to ponder, we will see the faithfulness of our great God.”

Today I would encourage you to take some time out and ponder what God has been doing in your life and what is coming up that you know about.

God Bless,

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