Three things your Pastor needs from you

July 12th, 2013

I am currently reading a book about praying for your Pastor and the importance of doing that. As I am reading I thought about three things your Pastor needs from you.

1. Your Pastor needs your prayer – Pastors as human. They go through the same struggles as everyone else. They need you to pray for them specifically a few times a week.

2. Your Pastor needs your friendship – Statistics tell us that while Pastors know a lot of people and have friends, not many have real deep friends that they can really relax with.

3. Your Pastor needs your encouragement – A lot of the time Pastors have negative feedback. Sometimes everyday! If your Pastor does something that blesses you or you like – tell them!

Being a Pastor is a calling, but it is still not an easy job. Wearing the hat of Pastor is a lot different to being a Lay Preacher or on a Leadership Team. Everything is amplified.

Why not take some time today to pray for your Pastor and their family, be a friend to them or send them an encouraging note. It will make a world of difference.

God Bless,