Wheatbelt on its knees prayer event

July 10th, 2013

Here are some details of a prayer meeting that is happening in Merredin soon…


On July 19th (10 to 11am) there is a call for state wide community prayer in our regions.

It is plain to see the lack of green plants growing along the roads and the distinct patches of bare ground in paddocks. Every farmer knows that without rain even the best farmers are brought to their knees.

Businesses in our towns are intertwined with the rain. In the USA the government believes that a dollar spent on the farmer generates up to six dollars in turnover in the community.

The crisis we feel comes from; the lack of rain; a lack of genuine God fearing leadership at local, State and National levels and our own determination to do everything ‘our way’.

Every day there is a crisis somewhere in the world shown on our TV’s. One thing is always in common – there isn’t a lasting solution. To assume people can fix or heal or generate lasting peace by changing hearts has been clearly unsuccessful despite decades of trying to rewrite what has been known for centuries.

Isn’t it time we sought God for His help?

“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10).

Turning to God who created life and asking Him to help change our lives will make a difference if we choose to believe and to do.

On July 19th (10 – 11am) there is planned a state wide call to pray for the communities we live in. Local towns are asked to meet together at this time in a co-ordinated prayer time to ask God to change our hearts, to change our lives and to change our circumstances. If you or your community group or town would be willing to meet together and also pray at this time we believe the Lord will come to our help.

It is through the complete surrender of pride and selfishness that hearts are changed and blessings flow again.

This regional and community wide prayer is for; ourselves, others, leadership, relationships, healing, softening of hearts, clarity between right and wrong, generosity, kindness, solutions to violence/ despair/ hopelessness … and for rain.

The Merredin prayer will be held at the Merredin Recreation Centre. More details and contact information can be found on this flyer “wheatbelt-on-its-knees“.