Getting the soil conditions right

July 8th, 2013

I have been thinking about gardening a lot lately. This is because I have been growing some vegies and replanting our front garden.

As I have been researching gardening and growing vegies I have been convinced that a lot of the success is about getting the soil conditions right.

Some gardens I have seen have been carefully tended and the soil built up for 20 to 30 years. Things grow easily, there is less disease or pests and good crops usually follows.

As I have been thinking about this my thoughts have often turned to church and getting the church “soil” right too.

Churches that have a good soil are the ones that are full of good nutrients from the Bible. They are aerated by lots of prayer. And they are personally tended by the Loving Gardener.

Having good soil conditions make a big difference to both gardening and running a healthy church.

As I type I am reminded of Jesus talking about the seeds landing in good soil. When they do land in good soil they produced a bumper crop (Matthew 13:23).

Let us all work towards getting the right “soil” conditions in our churches so we can produce bumper spiritual harvests too.

God Bless,