Re-reading A Purpose Driven Life book

June 28th, 2013

purpose-drivenMy wife and I decided to re-read Rick Warren’s book A Purpose Driven Life the other day. We had both read it before separately, but thought we would read it together and talk about it.

I first read it in 2004 with someone from church and we talked about it when we caught up. It really impacted my life and shaped many of the things I think about and do today.

One thing I have found is it is interesting to read it after six years of full time and part time Bible studies. I am a different person internally and externally after all those studies and reflection.

I am really looking forward to reading it again and seeing what it says to me this time around. I am also looking forward to discussing it with my wife too!

If you haven’t read it I would encourage you to do so.

God Bless,


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