Atheist churches?

June 25th, 2013

I read an article this morning about how humanist communities or churches that are being set up at various places around the world.

To the outsider they would look like a church service with singing, a positive message, offerings and encouragement to be involved in the community. There is only one difference – no God!

One leader was even a former evangelical minister who had lost his faith and is now an atheist. He uses his experience in Pastoral care to look after his “flock”. Another leader is a humanist chaplain at a university.

I find it sad that they think they have the best parts of church and they are leaving God out. To me God or my relationship with Christ is by far the best part of church.

To me our personal relationship with Christ is the thing that links us together. We have a joint hope for our futures. We can pray for each other and encourage each other until Christ returns.

My hope is once these “congregations” are in full swing they will all realise something very important is missing – Jesus. And then they will all come to Him on bended knee.

God Bless,