Hearing from God

June 23rd, 2013

I had an interesting conversation with my Pastor today after church. We were chatting about his message and how many of the big events of the Bible grew out of people doing everyday things.

The examples he used in his sermon was Philip in Acts 8 with the Ethiopian and the Chariot and Peter from Acts 10 when the Gentiles came to see him at his house.

Both of these people were doing normal everyday things, the Spirit spoke and then great things happened. They were ordinary people connected to God. They were open to hear from Him and were obedient to what they heard.

The conversion of the Ethiopian led to the opening of a Gospel doorway to Africa and Peter with the visitors opened the doorway for the Gospel to be spread to the Gentiles.

The thing I found interesting is how we often think that it is abnormal to hear from God or it is only for super spiritual people. But in reality it is for all Christians because we have all accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwells within us (Romans 8:11).

We concluded our conversation with the thought that if we are not hearing from God everyday that should be seen as abnormal. God speaks through His Word and His Spirit and we should be hearing and obeying everyday.

Hearing from God should be the most natural and normal things we do as Christians. Often He does it in the midst of the ordinary everyday things… to ordinary everyday people.

God Bless,


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