Carrying passages for longer

June 19th, 2013

One thing I have found that I do since I finished my Bible studies is that I tend to pause for a longer time on Bible passages.

Rather than read a new one each day, I might read one and it might stay with me for a few days. Sometimes I might read the same passage for a week.

I find that by doing this I allow it to percolate inside me and sink deep into my spirit. It allows God to speak to me via His Holy Spirit too.

As I pause for a time on a passage I am able also to read commentaries or other books I have on the passage too or look over any Bible college notes that come to mind.

I have found that it gives me a much fuller picture of what God may be wanting to say to me or to those around me… or for this blog!

In saying this though, I still do have times where I read one chapter or a passage a day as a part of a reading plan.

But now I am not afraid to pause the reading plan to get the fuller meaning of the reading. I don’t worry about getting “behind”, it is more about getting “into” the passage.

Carrying passages for longer is like having a three course meal, rather than drive through takeaway. You feel way more satisfied.

God Bless,