The power of praise and thanksgiving

February 26th, 2013

I was talking with a friend recently about the power of praise and thanksgiving.

Our conversation started talking about how we all go through flat spots in our faith. We may be going to church, reading our Bible and praying as usual, but we are just in a low spot.

As we talked we realised that often the power of praise and thanksgiving can often lift us out of these places.

If we sing praises to God on how good He is and how He has blessed and looked after us, it gets our minds and hearts off our current thoughts, feelings or situations.

Likewise, if we start thanking God for all the good things our moods and thoughts also lift. If we start by thanking Him for our life, our salvation, our homes and families, our finances, our health, our friends, our churches… things soon change.

There is power in praise and thanksgiving to God. Not only does it help us to feel better in ourselves, but it helps us to get back into a right perspective and see things how we should.

God Bless,

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