Do your own Bible meditation

February 12th, 2013

I am a big believer in having lots of Bible tools to help you in your Bible study and preparation.

I have Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries and a number of computer programs to help me learn about the passages I am studying.

However I think we need to be conscious that we should not let someone else do all of our Bible meditation for us.

I think we need to have times where we read and re-read passages and just mull them over with the Holy Spirit for a day or two.

Often I am chewing over a passage as I go about my day. I might be at work, doing a gym workout or just at home, but I am thinking about a passage of Scripture.

As I meditate on a passage I allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me and let Him focus me on the verses He needs to impress upon my heart.

When I meditate on a passage of Scripture it allows it to sink deep into my heart and it bring real change to my heart and mind.

It is great to have lots of Bible study tools to help, but don’t always let someone else do you Bible meditation, as you might miss what the Holy Spirit wants to say to you personally.

God Bless,