The Essential Jesus Bible Reading Plan

December 31st, 2012

Hello all,

New Years Day is traditionally a time when people start reading through the Bible. I found this plan that looks quite good. It is called “The Essential Jesus” and is very similar to the E100 program.

Here is some information about it from the website

“Based on the book, The Essential Jesus, the Challenge guides participants through the list of short Bible passages following the storyline of Jesus Christ—25 from the Old Testament and 75 from the New Testament—over a 20-week period. The program is undated and can be started at any time during the year. And it’s designed to be flexible, too; it fits any time schedule and works with any Bible translation. You can start with just the Essential Jesus Planner and use the convenient “track your progress” punch out card to keep you on track as you take the Challenge. Or you can combine it with the Challenge Guide for personal and small group studies. And if you really want to go deeper faster you can use the helpful commentary in The Essential Jesus book, also. Just find the way that works for you. You can receive free downloadable resources including Sermon outlines, a poster, and a bulletin insert form you can use to make The Essential Jesus Challenge an effective Bible engagement experience for the whole church or your small group.”

It is available of to read for free here

God Bless,