A call to remain faithful

December 16th, 2012

This morning my wife and I were reading the book of Jude. It is a short book but has lots in it. One section is titled, “A call to remain faithful”. As we read three things jumped out of verses 17-23.

1. Scoffers will come (v17-19)

In the first section it reminds us that in the last days scoffers will come to cause divisions amongst us. The will be people who live to satisfy their own desires and who follow there own instincts, not trust and obey God. We need to be on guard for them.

2. Build each other up (v20-21)

In the next section it reminds us to build each other up in our most holy faith and pray in the Spirit. When we do these things we are strong and less likely to fall away or be deceived. It also tells us to wait expectantly for Jesus’ return and the eternal life He brings.

3. Look out for those around you (v22-23)

Finally it tells us to be on the lookout for those who may be wavering in their faith and commitment to God. We need to get along side them and remind them of God’s love, His Word in the Bible and the Great Hope we all have in Jesus’ return.

The Book of Jude reminds us to remain faithful to God and not lose the hope we have in Christ. A part of this is being mindful that scoffers will come, to encourage one another and to look out for those who are wavering in their faith.

God Bless,