What I like about church part 7

December 3rd, 2012

In my final post of the topic on what I like about church I want to talk about church as a place to use your gifts.

Finding and using your God given gifts is very rewarding. Knowing that God created you a certain way to do certain things gives you a sense of purpose and contentment.

Using your gifts in church helps you to serve God and others. It helps you to function as part of God’s team in the place you are in.

When I use my God given gifts I am always conscious of being part of the body like Paul talks about. Some are hands, some are feet, some are eyes and so on.

When you use our gifts to serve God and others it brings glory to God and it brings people together. It also builds up and encourages.

What do I like about church – it is a place to use your God given gifts.

God Bless,