What I like about church part 2

November 28th, 2012

A few days ago I shared that I love being part of a group of people worshiping God. Today the thing I want to share is fellowship.

Fellowship is all about being with other people who share your faith. I like being with others at church on Sunday, playing sport, on a prayer walk, sitting in a home group or even having an afternoon lunch on the patio after church.

There is something uplifting in traveling with a group of people who share your faith. You become friends and in time it becomes like a family. You become part of the family of God in your area.

I like knowing that I have people around me who care for my family and I. They want what is best for us and God’s will for our lives. I like knowing I have people I can turn to who can pray for me when I need it.

I also like that we can share the things we learn about life and the Bible. It is encouraging and inspiring.

What do I like about church – fellowship.

God Bless,