What I like about church part 1

November 26th, 2012

This week I thought I would do a series of short posts on what I like about church. There are lots of intangible things, but I thought I would list a few.

The first one is corporate worship. I love being with other Christians and worshiping God. I love to worship alone with just a CD, but there is something special about corporate worship.

I like it when we have a big band and choir on stage in a big church and I love it when it is just a keyboard or guitarist in a small setting.

The thing for me is we are all doing something we were created to do. That is worship God.

I also like that worship brings so many different people together as one. People from different counties, backgrounds and ages. We all become one in our love and adoration of God.

When I worship as part of a congregation I always imagine God smiling and enjoying our praise and worship.

What do I like about church – corporate worship.

God Bless,