Three ways I receive encouragement

September 24th, 2012

I was having a conversation with someone recently about what encourages us and how we receive encouragement from others. I found that I received encouragement in three ways.

1. Seeing others ministry success – I love reading about and seeing other peoples success in ministry. I love hearing stories of how they are making an impact. It inspires me in my work.

2. A personal thanks – I get encouraged when someone stops me and thanks me for something I have done for them that has made a real impact. This happened at work last week with a Christian friend. It made my day (week!).

3. Seeing fruit as a result of my work – Sometimes it may be someone repeating back to you something from a sermon, a change in their walk with the Lord or moving further into God’s will as a result of my input. This gives me encouragement.

I find that I am not really encouraged by someone listing the things I have done back to me. It is more about seeing change or breakthrough with my own eyes.

How about you? How do you receive encouragement?

God Bless,