Three truths I need to remember

September 15th, 2012

I was thinking today about some of the truths I have built my faith and life on. These are truths that I need to remember and live by each day. I came up with three that I want to share.

1. God is a big God – when I have a big view of God it really expands my thinking. When I see God as all powerful, all knowing, in control of all things, as the One who created this world and holds eternity in His hands, I get inspired and my life takes on a bigger vision.

2. What God says about me – when I believe and really accept that God loves me, has forgiven me, has a purpose for me, is on my side and wants to be both my God and my friend, I find my mind and outlook for the future is renewed.

3. I am part of God’s eternal Kingdom – when I keep focussed on God’s eternal realities and the fact that He holds my future in His all powerful hands, my life takes on an eternal perspective. As a result the circumstances of this life don’t overwhelm me. I trust God holds my future and He is working for me.

When I remember these three important truths it puts everything in the right perspective. When I remember that God is all powerful, that He is for me and that I am permanently part of His eternal Kingdom, I do not fear or worry about the future. I have a deep and lasting peace in the centre of my soul.

God Bless,