20 ways to love your job

September 2nd, 2012

I saw this on a blogging buddies blog (Mark O Wilson). I thought it was timely as I start a new secular part time job this Tuesday. I especially like number 10 about the camp fire…

1) Examine your attitude. Are you allowing negativity to poison your spirit towards those you work with? If so, the problem may be more about you than it is about them.

2) Start your day with prayer. Ask God to guide you and guard your spirit. Try this prayer, “God, help me to receive the people you send to me as a gift.”

3) Adjust your attitude. Try to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

4) Make it your goal to make someone else’s day. Do something extra that makes someone smile. You’ll smile too.

5) Speaking of smiling – if you’re feeling grumpy, then smile for 16 seconds straight. You will feel better.

6) Keep a realistic “To Do List.” This will keep you from being overwhelmed, and you will feel good as you progress and mark things off the list.

7) Do the most important things first. Trivial things have a way of gobbling up time, and adding unnecessary pressure.

8) Plan ahead. When you fail to plan ahead, other people will dictate your agenda. Planning brings order to the day, week, and month.

9) Get your schedule under control. To do this, you must think further down the road. Instead of asking, “What shall I do today?” it is far better to ask “What shall I do this week?”, and even better, “What shall I do this year?” Start as far out as you can, and work backwards from there.

10) Put breathing space in your schedule. Just as a camp fire fizzles out when the logs are too close together, your life needs “breathing space” to burn brightly.

I have copied and pasted the first 10. You can find the next 10 here.

God Bless,