8 days of prayer

August 30th, 2012

One of the churches in town ends its eight day prayer meeting tonight. It started on Wednesday last week at the weekly prayer meeting and continues until the combined churches prayer meeting tonight.

It has been an amazing event. People have prayed in 1-3 hour time slots 24 hours a day. Some have gone there alone, or with their home group or with their regular prayer partner to share the time.

I did a stint last Saturday night into Sunday morning. My prayer partner did from 11pm – 12am and I joined him from 12am to 2am and he left. I prayed the last hour by myself.

In our stint we prayed for each other, our families, the town, the churches in town, the Pastors, for revival, and the people and needs of Merredin. Some of the time we prayed, some time God spoke and some time we were just silent with God.

It has been great hearing about the stories from people who usually prayed for a short time during their daily devotion. They couldn’t imagine praying for an hour at first, then realised how quickly the time was over!

On the walls there are amazing drawings people did during their time, Bible verses written out, prophetic words written on paper, and worship songs written out too.

There was also a place to hammer nails into the cross, a place to have communion and a CD player with plenty of worship CDs.

It was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see what happens as a result of this time of prayer!

God Bless,