Right timing?

August 11th, 2012

I have always been a big believer in doing the right things at the right time in God.

Often I have felt over the years that God wanted me to begin something and I have rushed off to do it. In some cases it worked out well and others it did not.

What I have learnt is the importance of God’s timing. Sometimes God gives me or a group of us a picture or task to do. Our natural thing is to rush off and get started, but it might not always be for right now.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of a future involvement and we need to grow to be ready. Sometimes God needs to bring a team together to make it happen. Sometimes we may have to study to learn more.

Even in the life of Christ we see that He said “My time has not yet come”. He was talking about going to the cross. He knew the cross awaited Him, but He had other things to do first.

For me there is always a prayerful balance that takes place. It is about thanking God for the picture or task He wants me/us to do, and then praying for His perfect timing to get started.

Right timing is about taking God’s picture and playing our part in bringing it to pass in God’s timing.

God Bless,