Spiritual mentoring book part 2

July 12th, 2012

Here are a few more quotes from the Spiritual Mentoring book I am reading. As I read I am finding it is just putting in words what people have been doing for me over the years and what I have been privileged to do for some others.

“Spiritual mentoring is a triadic relationship between the mentor, mentoree and the Holy Spirit, where the mentoree can discover, through the already present action of God, ultimate identity as a child of God and a unique voice for kingdom responsibility”.  (page 17)

“Spiritual direction [or mentoring] is a prayer process in which a person seeking help in cultivating a deeper personal relationship with God meets another person for prayer and conversation that is focussed on increasing awareness of God in the midst of life’s experiences and facilitating surrender to God’s will” (page 16)

“The second assumption of spiritual mentoring is the belief that the inner life sustains the outer life… Spiritually minded people know that the real action takes place in the unseen realm in which prayer is offered, faith is exercised and God is at work. The process of spiritual mentoring gently calls us back to the truth that the inner life needs to be acknowledged, strengthened and cared for”. (pages 22-23)

I hope you enjoy these quotes and find them useful.

God Bless,