Spiritual mentoring book part 1

July 8th, 2012

As I mentioned a few days ago I am reading Tony Horsfall’s Mentoring for Spiritual Growth. I am only a few chapters in but I thought I would share some reflections so far.

In the first chapter it talks about spiritual mentoring and gives a description of what it is not. Sometimes I think can be a useful thing to do when describing something – to explain what it is not.

“Spiritual mentoring is different from pastoral care for it goes beyond the needs of the present and deals with the bigger of life direction and purpose. It is different from discipling because it is concerned about the growth of the soul once the person is established in their faith. It is different from coaching in that it is not about coaching in particular skills, but encourages the individual in the totality of their relationship with God. It is different from teaching in that it is not about the impartation of knowledge as about the experience of God and the application of what we already know. It is different from counselling because it does not focus of problems but on potential.” (from page 19).

I find this interesting as it is describing spiritual mentoring as dealing with the big picture of life, purpose, destiny and growth. In many ways it is about helping someone else find God in a deeper way, to see what God is currently doing in the person’s life and where He is leading them.

God Bless,