Wigglesworth: A man who walked with God book

July 4th, 2012

I just finished re-reading the book titled, “Smith Wiggelsworth: A man who walked with God”. I first read it a number of  years ago, but was recently encouraged to pick it up again. Here is some of the description…

“George Stormont provides a fresh insight into the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth. He writes not to draw attention to the life of his friend but rather to allow modern believers to grasp the spiritual significance of Wigglesworths life and ministry.”

The overwhelming message I get from the book is that Wigglesworth was a man who loved God, loved praying and being in God’s presence, had a compassion for people, had a boldness to pray for healing, and just believed God’s Word was true.

He lived an amazing life of faith and impacted many thousands of people during his ministry. I have been re-inspired to live more for Jesus and be bolder in the things I do and say for Him.

If you are interested in reading the book, you can find it here at Koorong for only $10.95.

God Bless,