You will be home in 10 days

July 2nd, 2012

This morning my wife and I were talking about the times when God has prompted us to speak out truth to someone in a hard situation. By this I mean when God prompts you to say something specifically to build up and encourage.

This reminded me of a time when a friend was in hospital after having major surgery. Another friend and I went in to visit him. When we arrived he was not in a good way and had tubes coming out of all sorts of places.

As I stood at the end of the bed looking at my friend in terrible pain I felt God speak very clearly to me and say, “Tell him he will be at home in ten days”. It was very clear.

My first reaction was he looks terrible and that is not possible. How can I say that to him? That just doesn’t make sense. But it was very clear I had to say it out loud and say it over him.

I took a deep breath and said, “God told me you will be home in ten days”.

After praying for my friend we left the hospital. We visited one more time to see some improvement, but not enough to suggest he would be home in the ten day time frame.

Then I week or so later I received a phone call from my friend. He sounded a lot better. I asked where he was and he said at home. I was amazed at his quick improvement.

Then I asked, “When did you get home?” “A couple of days ago”, he responded. Ten days after I had spoken to him!

This situation really taught me a lot about walking with God and speaking out the things He says to you. It really confirmed to me that if God speaks to you and asks you to say it out loud, then He is going to back up His Words.

God Bless,